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Private Label Fragrances Manufacturer

Developing high quality fragrances with superior formulas - with your brand in mind

Unlock your brand’s full potential with Nako Cosmetic. Our decades of experience in private label fragrances development, manufacturing, and packaging guarantees a personalized approach to meet and exceed your unique needs and goals.

Trust us to only use the finest ingredients for safe, reliable, and effective alternatives for your brand. Partner with us and watch your brand reach new heights.

Private Label Fragrances

Why Choose Us for Fragrance

Nako Cosmetics is an international company known for producing quality fragrances. We create unique fragrances that are recognized by several top brands in the industry. Our product range includes natural and designer fragrances suitable for perfumes, soaps, lotions, hair care products, candles, odor neutralizers, and other home products. Both established and emerging brands collaborate with us to enhance their product offerings.

Specific Use

Fragrance for Various Needs

We offer fragrance compounds to a global clientele. Nako Cosmetics produces and delivers scents suitable for home and fabric care, personal and oral care, and other general fragrances. Our products are enhanced with sanitizing properties sourced from natural essential oils.

Our skilled Perfumers and Evaluation team works in a setting that integrates science, technology, nature, and art, aiming to produce consistent and appealing olfactory results.

Personal Care Fragrance

Selecting the right personal care fragrance for cosmetics can be challenging due to various factors. Customers often change their scent preferences frequently, similar to how they change clothing.

At Nako Cosmetics, we prioritize crafting top-notch personal care fragrance items. Our expertise lies in understanding the optimal fragrances for specific conditions. Personal care categories tend to favor floral, gourmand, fantasy, fruity, and fresh scents.

Home Fragrances

Home fragrances play a significant role in creating a lasting impression on your living space. Nako Cosmetics, a reputable fragrance brand, specializes in crafting captivating scents for homes. These scents can linger even after you’ve left, evoking soothing memories and forging a connection with scents from the past.

Nako Cosmetics is dedicated to producing captivating home fragrances, enhancing your home’s ambiance and leaving a memorable mark on anyone who enters, even if it’s just once. While colors and clothing contribute to your style, fragrances are a representation of your identity. This is why our skilled fragrance creators meticulously design each home fragrance, ensuring your house is adorned with the finest aroma.

Whether it’s a personal scent or a product you use, fragrances are universally appreciated. Home fragrances not only add a finishing touch to your residence but also maintain its distinct and comforting essence.

How to Private Label Fragrance

#1 Shaping Your Vision Imagine your ideal perfume. Picture the distinct elements as the scent engages your senses. How would you characterize it? Could it be a blend of tea, tobacco, lavender, and spice? Perhaps you might liken it to "a stroll through a Parisian park on a crisp autumn day, enjoying a latte."

Even though the description might sound unconventional, it's precisely the information we require to craft the ideal fragrance for you. In truth, the more precise your description, the better. Generic terms like "tea," "tobacco," or "lavender" lack the needed detail. So, be specific. Our aim is to create a fragrance that complements you perfectly.

From there, we'll collaborate with you to fine-tune the specifics, ensuring everything aligns perfectly. Lastly, using the individual notes you provide or the evocative imagery you present, we'll formulate a brief that encapsulates your envisioned scent.

#2 Crafting the Blend With the carefully crafted brief in hand, our expert perfumer will skillfully combine the ideal aromas to create a bespoke fragrance tailored to your preferences. Subsequent to this, we incorporate your input for any necessary adjustments, aiming for perfection. Typically, only two rounds of revisions are needed for the final adjustments.

This inclusive approach enables your direct participation in the creative journey, culminating in a fragrance that genuinely reflects you – distinctive and entirely one-of-a-kind.

#3 Finalizing the Process Once the fragrance is confirmed, we move ahead to expand production, ensuring your order is filled and packaged appropriately. Every individual unit is placed within an elegant container that carries your company's name and logo. Each bottle is meticulously prepared under your brand, featuring your specific design.

With the order fulfillment concluded, you now possess your unique custom fragrance, fully prepared for retail purposes.

Work With State of the Art Techniques

We partner with top-tier raw material suppliers in their respective fields to ensure the reliability and quality of our products!

  • Thickened Systems – Lubrizol
  • Preservative Systems – SCHULKE
  • Actives – Clariant
  • Solubilization System – BASF
  • Fragrance – Symrise

Trusted by Leading Brands

From global leaders to local favorites, our diverse range of customers trust us to deliver top-quality services.

You Can Totally Trust Us With All Certifications


Experience peace of mind with our factory’s international certifications including GMPC, ISO22716, ISO9001, ISO14001, EU ECO Natural Organic Certification and High-tech enterprise Certification.


  • 18 Patents in China
  • 17 Utility Model Patents
  • 6 Appearance Patents
  • 3 Copywrites

Why Choose Nako

With 25+ years of experience, a massive 25,000 ㎡ factory, 8 state-of-the-art workshops, including Class A explosion-proof, and 77 efficient production lines – we’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Experience the best in cosmetic quality and safety with Nako Cos – certified by IOS9001, IOS22716, ISO14001, CE, and FDA. Our production scope includes skin care, color cosmetics, perfumes, consumer products, and more, all in accordance with international GMPC standards.

Take your business to the next level with our innovative products and creative team. With more than 20 invention patents, we can help you reach the pinnacle of success.

We believe in providing only the highest quality products, and that means taking quality and safety seriously. We have partnered with an independent third-party inspection and certification organization that has achieved CMA&CNAS qualification accreditation, ensuring we receive the best testing services with rapid results.

Take your brand to new heights by integrating domestic and international resources. With 4 overseas companies and 2 strategic partnerships, you’ll have access to a world of possibilities for innovation.

Fragrance Manufacturing

Extracting Fragrances are made by extracting essential oils from raw materials. Such as citrus fruit through a process called cold pressing. The raw materials are placed on a plate, and a top plate is pressed down on them to extract the oils. The extracted oils are then used as top notes in fragrances. At Nako Cosmetic, we use cold pressing to make our fragrances. Ensuring that the notes are strong and long-lasting.
Blending The next step in fragrance manufacturing is blending different oils together. This is in order to create a complex scent. To do this, expert perfumers mix top, middle, and base notes together. By carefully measuring out each ingredient until the desired scent is achieved.
Adding Fixative When the scent is just right, it's time to add the fixative. Which helps it last longer and maintain its original strength. This step is crucial if you want your fragrance to make a lasting impression. I suggest using a fixative that is specifically designed for use with your chosen scent. As different fragrances may require different types of fixatives.

Type of Fragrances

Natural Fragrance
Home Fragrance
Fine Fragrance
Natural Fragrance Natural fragrance is a type of fragrance made with essential oils. Also other natural ingredients like herbs, spices, flowers, and wood. Natural fragrances are usually lighter and more subtle than synthetic fragrances. But they can still be powerful enough to evoke an emotional response. I suggest trying different natural fragrances. Find one that complements your business style.
Home Fragrance Home fragrance is a type of fragrance designed to make a space smell pleasant. Room sprays, diffusers, and candles are all common types of home fragrance products. Home fragrances usually have soft top notes like lavender or lemon. This lingers in the background while creating an inviting atmosphere. At Nako Cosmetic, we have a wide selection of home fragrance products to choose from.
Fine Fragrance Fine Fragrance is a type of fragrance designed to be worn on the body. These fragrances typically have stronger base notes and are meant to last longer. Fine fragrances have the ability to bring out such powerful emotions. Simply by wearing them. They're truly perfect for those special occasions. Especially when you want to make a lasting impression.

Functions of Fragrances

Hair Fragrance Spray

Fragrance can be used as a hair fragrance spray, which adds a pleasant smell to your hair. Hair fragrance sprays also act as protection against the elements. Also they help keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. At Nako Cosmetic, we have hair fragrances formulated with natural ingredients. To provide your hair with strength and shine while leaving it smelling great.

Fragrance Spray

Fragrance can also be used as a spray, which can be applied to your body or clothes. Fragrance sprays are a great way to add a touch of scent to your look and help you feel more confident. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic way to switch up the scent depending on the mood or the occasion. I suggest using fragrance sprays in moderation. As over-applying can lead to an overwhelming scent.

Considerations When Buying Fragrances

Target Market

Think about your target market and the type of fragrances they are likely to be interested in. This will help you choose fragrances that are well-suited to your customers.


It is important to ensure that the fragrances you are purchasing are of high quality. Look for fragrance manufacturers that use high-quality raw materials. And also adhere to strict manufacturing standards. I suggest reading reviews and researching the brand before making a purchase. To get a sense of its reputation and the quality of its products.


Make sure to check that the fragrances you are buying do not contain any allergens. This is important if you plan on selling your products to customers with allergies. It is important to choose fragrances that are hypoallergenic. And also free from common allergens such as nuts and gluten.

Natural vs. Synthetic

Consider whether you prefer natural or synthetic fragrances. Natural fragrances are made from plant-based ingredients. While synthetic fragrances are created in a laboratory. Each type has its own unique characteristics and benefits that make it so special. It’s like a whole world of scents waiting to be explored and enjoyed.


Think about the longevity of the fragrances you are considering. Do they have a long-lasting scent, or do they fade quickly? At Nako Cosmetic, we offer a wide selection of fragrances that will make you smell great all day long.


Consider the versatility of the fragrances you are considering. Are they suitable for a wide range of occasions and settings? or are they more specialized and intended for specific occasions? I suggest looking for fragrances that are versatile. And can also be worn in different settings. Such as a casual daytime or a formal evening event.

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From designing promotional campaigns to engaging with customers, Nako Cosmetics strives to ensure that all clients reach their desired outcome!

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