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Private Label Concealer

Developing high quality concealer with superior formulas - with your brand in mind

Unlock your brand’s full potential with Nako Cosmetic. Our decades of experience in private label concealer development, manufacturing, and packaging guarantees a personalized approach to meet and exceed your unique needs and goals.

Trust us to only use the finest ingredients for safe, reliable, and effective alternatives for your brand. Partner with us and watch your brand reach new heights.

Private Label Concealer

Work With State of the Art Techniques

We partner with top-tier raw material suppliers in their respective fields to ensure the reliability and quality of our products!

  • Thickened Systems – Lubrizol
  • Preservative Systems – SCHULKE
  • Actives – Clariant
  • Solubilization System – BASF
  • Fragrance – Symrise

Trusted by Leading Brands

From global leaders to local favorites, our diverse range of customers trust us to deliver top-quality services.

You Can Totally Trust Us With All Certifications


Experience peace of mind with our factory’s international certifications including GMPC, ISO22716, ISO9001, ISO14001, EU ECO Natural Organic Certification and High-tech enterprise Certification.


  • 18 Patents in China
  • 17 Utility Model Patents
  • 6 Appearance Patents
  • 3 Copywrites

Why Choose Nako

With 25+ years of experience, a massive 25,000 ㎡ factory, 8 state-of-the-art workshops, including Class A explosion-proof, and 77 efficient production lines – we’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Experience the best in cosmetic quality and safety with Nako Cos – certified by IOS9001, IOS22716, ISO14001, CE, and FDA. Our production scope includes skin care, color cosmetics, perfumes, consumer products, and more, all in accordance with international GMPC standards.

Take your business to the next level with our innovative products and creative team. With more than 20 invention patents, we can help you reach the pinnacle of success.

We believe in providing only the highest quality products, and that means taking quality and safety seriously. We have partnered with an independent third-party inspection and certification organization that has achieved CMA&CNAS qualification accreditation, ensuring we receive the best testing services with rapid results.

Take your brand to new heights by integrating domestic and international resources. With 4 overseas companies and 2 strategic partnerships, you’ll have access to a world of possibilities for innovation.

Types Of Concealer Formats

Concealer Palette This type of concealer comes in a compact with a variety of shade options, offering a multitude of hues to blend and customize according to your specific needs. With a Concealer Palette, you can create a unique selection of shades that caters directly to the needs of your unique customers. Makeup artists and those with diverse skin tones will surely appreciate the convenience this type of palette offers!
Concealer Stick The solid, cylindrical form of a concealer stick gives users the luxury of having precise application at their fingertips. With its convenience and ease of use, you can quickly eliminate any unsightly blemishes and achieve a luminous complexion with a simple twist of a stick.
Concealer Pencil Concealer Pencil is a must-have tool for anyone seeking the ultimate in precise, targeted coverage. Its pencil form allows easy application in even the most hard-to-reach areas, making it ideal for masking pesky blemishes or dark circles. Whether you're looking to obscure a small imperfection or highlight feature, the concealer pencil is a versatile tool that grants you complete control over your coverage.
Concealer Kit Concealer Kit from Nako Cosmetic is an all-in-one solution for anyone's concealer needs, offering a plethora of formats to choose from. Whether you prefer a creamy, palettable formula or a convenient stick form, this kit has it all. The versatility and convenience of this kit make it a go-to choice for those seeking a multifaceted and adaptable concealer solution.

Types of Concealer Texture

Powder Concealer
Liquid Concealer
Cream Concealer
Powder Concealer Powder concealer is a cosmetic designed to enhance the complexion, mask discolouration, and obscure blemishes and other imperfections. This product is ideal for anyone looking to hide signs of a late night or wild weekend. Using powder concealer will surely help bring your look together and give you a fresh, flawless face no matter what - it's the ultimate beauty saviour!
Liquid Concealer This popular type of coverage is great for covering minimal undereye circles and redness for all skin types. However, those with very dry skin should be aware that it may not be ideal, especially if the concealer has a matte finish, as it could end up emphasizing the dryness even more. If you still want to try it, apply a moisturizer before you conceal it.
Cream Concealer Cream concealer, as its texture name suggests, is known for its thicker, more luxurious texture compared to other types. The creamy concealer from Nako Cosmetic usually comes in a pot and is especially beneficial for those with normal to dry skin, as it is deeply moisturizing.

Other Types of Concealer

Primer Concealer
Color Correcting Concealer
Lip Concealer
Primer Concealer This type of concealer is formulated to provide a velvety, seamless base for makeup application. It helps to blur the visibility of pores, fine lines, and uneven skin tone, providing a "flawless" look and feel. This is for sure a must-have for anyone who wants to achieve a smooth and "on fleek" finish.
Color Correcting Concealer This type of concealer is formulated to neutralize specific skin tones and discolorations, such as redness or dark circles. Color correcting concealer is an invaluable asset for achieving impeccable complexion.
Lip Concealer Lip concealer from Nako Cosmetic works wonders for attaining a flawless, smooth appearance by obliterating any discolouration, flaws, or unevenness. Because of its creamy formulation, it provides a smooth finish that blends effortlessly to provide a gentle, protecting veil.

Considerations When Buying Concealer

Accommodate Diverse Skin Types

It’s essential to provide a comprehensive selection of concealers that accommodate the distinct needs of your diverse customers. Through careful consideration of every skin type’s individual traits, you can guarantee that your offerings are suitable and efficacious for all.

Match Foundation Shade

When selecting a concealer, opt for one that is commensurate with the hue of your foundation. If the shades are too disparate, it can create a stark contrast, thus diminishing the aesthetically pleasing effect of the makeup. So, you should carefully consider the nuances and strive to find a concealer that is analogous to the foundation shade.

Use Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is essential to ensure you get the most accurate hue for the complexion. Seek out sunny, unfiltered light to properly gauge your skin tone and undertone to get the best match possible. Utilizing this method can help you avoid potential pitfalls such as an ill-fitting shade or a color that appears ashy or unnatural.

Consider Price Point

When selecting concealer, it’s essential to factor in your fiscal constraints. There are numerous available items at varying levels of cost, so select one that is wallet-friendly yet still fits the bill.

Research Brand Reputation

Besides cost, it is essential to probe the manufacturer’s image and peruse reviews from other patrons to guarantee you are obtaining a superior quality product. Steer clear of second-rate items that don’t generate the desired results by putting money into a dependable, respectable brand like Nako Cosmetic.

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Get a glimpse into our process and strategies that deliver outstanding results for our clients. We draw on a combination of market research, creative ideas, and expert analysis to produce results that both align with the brand’s goals and exceed them.

From designing promotional campaigns to engaging with customers, Nako Cosmetics strives to ensure that all clients reach their desired outcome!

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