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Cosmetic Laboratories

Transform your beauty with Nako Cosmetics - the leading R&D and production enterprise in China, dedicated to providing you with professional cosmetic solutions.

Cosmetic R&D Laboratories

To fulfill the diverse product development needs of various companies and to hasten the unveiling of new items, we have constructed 8 R&D labs and forged alliances with prestigious international providers and laboratories of raw materials.

Every lab has accumulated expert knowledge in its own specialized area of expertise.

Discover the latest in beauty and cosmetology technology with our 280,000+ outstanding cosmetic formulas. We collaborate with renowned R&D labs to bring you the highest quality formulas, constantly upgrading and optimizing old ones and developing and testing new ones.

Ingredient Research Lab Take control of your cosmetic ingredients with our comprehensive research and management services for quality control, trend analysis, and compliance.
New Tech Research Lab Researching skin characteristics, cosmetic emulsification stability, low-energy emulsification, and green anti-corrosion technologies, we provide reliable and sustainable solutions for your needs.
Natural-Organic Lab Discover the power of organic and natural skin care products that meet the French ECO certification and 98% natural product series with our research-backed offerings.
Biotechnology Lab Our collaborations with renowned research and development institutions from around the world allow us to bring you the latest advancements in cell biology, molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics.
Safety & Efficacy Evaluation Lab Gain confidence in the safety and efficacy of products with our comprehensive product evaluations and customer support.

Innovation &Cooperation

With our global resources and strategic partnerships, we guarantee the leading scientific research strength of our enterprise. Our international cooperation teams from South Korea, Japan, France, Australia and more offer diverse services to keep product quality and brand value at the top. Enjoy the highest quality and brand value with us.
Explore our four global branches:
  • BBP (Hongkong)
  • BBP (Korea)
  • Laboratoire Essence Cosmetics (France)
  • Ridgepole Global (USA)
Strategic Partnership:
  • Laboratoire LDN-BIO AROMES

Formulation Development System

At Nako Cosmetic, experts build the formulation development pipeline, which includes stock and custom formulations, with the knowledge that innovation and newness represents around 15-30% of all new growth every year. The most successful products on the market are the ones that perform the latest innovations in ingredient design, product development, packaging and storytelling.

  • Comply with the Laws and Regulations of China, EU, USA, Japan, ASEAN etc.
  • Provides Regulatory Information According to Formula & Ingredients
  • Rapid Generation of Regulation Documents for Non-special/Special Purpose Cosmetics
  • Complete Ingredients & Formula Documentation Support
  • International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Standards
  • Patents Technology
  • Raw Material Quality Control
  • Formula Development according to the Ecocent/COSMOS Organic Certification Requirements
  • Use Safety Assessment and Toxicological Assessment to Replace Animal Experiment
  • Information about 76 Allergens

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How to Start Your Beauty Business?

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