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11 Makeup Manufacturers in UK

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Curious about what makes the UK’s makeup industry stand out? The secret lies in its manufacturers, who are pushing the boundaries of beauty and innovation.

We offer deep insights into cosmetic industry trends that is backed by extensive experience and meticulous analysis, ensuring valuable perspectives for businesses seeking standout manufacturers.

Whether you’re searching for innovation, sustainability, or excellence for your cosmetic line, our comprehensive guide to the top 11 makeup manufacturers in the UK will lead you to your ideal partner.

In this review, we will focus on the 11 leading manufacturers in UK, highlighting their key achievements, product quality, and commitment to environmental responsibility.

Read on to explore the best in UK makeup manufacturing!

1. Herrco Cosmetics – Best in Innovative Cosmetics Manufacturing

Country & City: United Kingdom, Suffolk

Established Date: 1988

Herrco Cosmetics, a family-run business, is a top manufacturer in UK recognized for its innovative formulations. Now, this is important, they prioritize quality, sustainability, and strong brand relationships. Their award-winning products that are available in major retailers, reflect their commitment to excellence. They have a modern innovation center where they develop new and unique ideas.

Key Products: Skin Care and Cosmetics

Takeaway Note:

Herrco Cosmetics is best for brands prioritizing innovation, sustainability, and quality in their beauty and cosmetic products. Their focus on natural and organic formulations, however, may not fully meet the needs of brands looking for conventional or synthetic product lines.

2. Cosmetics Lab – Best in Tailored Solutions for Diverse Cosmetic Needs

Country & City: United Kingdom, Horsham

Established Date: N/A

Cosmetics Lab prioritizes security, compliance, and eco-friendly practices in customized cosmetic manufacturing. They offer extensive services from product development to packaging, reflecting their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and client confidentiality. Their adherence to industry standards and dedication to excellence has earned them a leading market position and numerous award nominations.

Key Products: Skincare and Sun Protection Creams

Takeaway Note:

Cosmetics Lab is best suited for brands seeking a partner capable of providing a 100% customizable process, particularly appealing to those aiming for market differentiation. As a matter of fact, their dedication ensures each product exceeds expectations and brings joy to customers. But, their focus might not align with brands looking for ready-to-market standard formulations for rapid product launches.

3. Star Colour Laboratories – Best in Colour Cosmetics and Skincare Development

Country & City: United Kingdom, Cambridgeshire

Established Date: 2010

Star Colour Laboratories is a premier developer and manufacturer of color cosmetics, toiletries, and skincare products that emphasizes high-quality and compliant production. They offer new product development and flexible packaging solutions, adhering to natural, organic, vegan, and Halal standards. With ISO 9001:2008 certification, they lead in quality control and environmental responsibility.

Key Products: Colour Cosmetics and Skincare

Takeaway Note:

Star Colour Laboratories is ideally positioned for brands focused on launching innovative and on-trend colour cosmetics and skincare products. And on top of that, their passion shines in every product they produce. However, their specific focus on custom and high-quality production may present challenges for brands looking for low-cost and large-scale manufacturing options.

4. JLP Cosmetics – Best in Sustainable and Ethical Cosmetic Manufacturing

Country & City: United Kingdom, Lincolnshire

Established Date: 2015

JLP Cosmetics is recognized for its dedication to sustainable and ethical practices in cosmetics manufacturing. They prioritize responsibly sourced palm oil, cruelty-free, vegan products, and sustainable production methods, emphasizing minimal waste and sustainable energy use. Through transparent partnerships, they aim to make a positive impact in the cosmetics industry and beyond.

Key Products: Cosmetics and Skincare

Takeaway Note:

JLP Cosmetics is the go-to manufacturer for brands prioritizing ethical, sustainable, and high-quality personal care products. However, their commitment to these values might slow down their process, making them less aligned with brands looking to quickly capitalize on fast-moving market trends.

5. Hera Beauty – Best in Natural and Innovative Personal Care Manufacturing

Country & City: United Kingdom, Peterborough

Established Date: 2011

Hera Beauty is renowned for its natural and innovative personal care products that prioritizes sustainability and cutting-edge formulations. Their full-service approach, from development to regulatory support, emphasizes flexibility and innovation. With sustainable manufacturing and ingredient sourcing, they simplify brand launches while still ensuring quality, positioning them as industry leaders.

Key Products: Face Care and Body Care

Takeaway Note:

Hera Beauty is ideal for startups and established brands looking to quickly enter the market with natural and innovative personal care products. Their commitment to sustainability and quality, however, may come at a premium, potentially making them less suitable for brands with tight budget limitations.

6. Orean – Best in High-End Skin and Hair Care Manufacturing

Country & City: United Kingdom, West Yorkshire

Established Date: 1997

Orean excels in private label manufacturing of premium skincare and haircare products in the UK and USA. Their commitment to quality, service, and efficiency, guided by values like collaboration and integrity has strengthened their reputation. From product development to distribution, they offer complete solutions that is supported by a growing workforce and dynamic work environment.

Key Products: Skin Care and Hair Care

Takeaway Note:

Orean is an ideal partner for brands seeking to establish or expand their high-end skin and hair care lines. However, their specialized attention to premium offerings might not fully cater to the needs of brands aiming to target the broader and more accessible segments of the market.

7. EXQUISITE Luxury – Best in Customized Cosmetic Manufacturing

Country & City: United Kingdom, Guisborough

Established Date: 2010

EXQUISITE Luxury stands out for its dedication on top-notch quality and creative product advancement. As a trustworthy cosmetic manufacturer, they offer private label products, customized manufacturing, and logistical support. Committed to innovation and quality, they help brands excel in the competitive cosmetics industry by providing distinctive and high-quality products that meet client needs.

Key Products: Skin Care and Cosmetic

Takeaway Note:

EXQUISITE Luxury is best suited for brands aiming to differentiate themselves through unique and tailored cosmetic solutions. As if that’s not enough, they provide brands with confidence in their offerings. However, their meticulous focus on customization and innovation could mean longer development timelines, making them less alligned with brands that has strict market entry deadlines.

8. Creative Cosmetics – Best in Full-Service Cosmetic Manufacturing

Country & City: United Kingdom, Ipswich

Established Date: 1994

Creative Cosmetics has established itself as a leading contract manufacturer of cosmetic products. They offer full services tailored to the specific needs of their clients. They serve a diverse clientele, from large high street stores to specialist retailers and party plan organizations. Their commitment to quality assurance and efficient manufacturing processes ensures that all products meet the highest standards.

Key Products: Skin Care and Cosmetic

Takeaway Note:

Creative Cosmetics is the go-to choice for businesses seeking a complete manufacturing service for their own branded cosmetics. But, their extensive service may not align with emerging brands that require more specialized or limited-scale production capabilities.

9. MB Professional Beauty Ltd – Best in Customized Private Label Services

Country & City: United Kingdom, London, England

Established Date: 2016

MB Professional Beauty stands out in cosmetic and skincare manufacturing for its standard and customized private label services. With a comprehensive range of services from concept to shelf-ready products, they blend UK manufacturing expertise with premium EU ingredients. Committed to client support, they maintain competitive pricing without compromising quality.

Key Products: Skin Care and Cosmetic

Takeaway Note:

MB Professional Beauty is ideally suited for brands and retailers looking to launch their own cosmetic or skincare lines with unique formulations and designs. But, the focus on customized services may limit their capacity to serve clients needing immediate bulk product availability.

10. Sabel Cosmetics – Best in Full-Service Hair and Personal Care Manufacturing

Country & City: United Kingdom, Halifax

Established Date: 1994

Sabel Cosmetics has evolved into a notable full-service contract manufacturer. The company pride itself on excellence in formulation development, high-quality product output, and unparalleled customer service. Dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, they have gained a loyal customer base and multiple award wins highlighting their commitment to quality and innovation in the cosmetic industry.

Key Products: Hair Care and Personal Care

Takeaway Note:

Sabel Cosmetics is ideally suited for businesses seeking comprehensive contract manufacturing services in the hair and personal care domain. And I’m not stopping there, their dedication to perfection is something many admire. Yet, their extensive service range may not be appealing for brands seeking advanced manufacturing capabilities for innovative products.

11. Viaderm – Best in Tailored Beauty and Personal Care Manufacturing

Country & City: United Kingdom, Essex

Established Date: 1985

Viaderm excels in delivering premium beauty and personal care products, driven by wide manufacturing expertise and a commitment to surpassing client expectations. With a focus on quality, service, and competitive pricing, they continuously innovate to provide sustainable solutions. Their client-centric approach has made them a trusted manufacturer, serving diverse clientele, including major retailers.

Key Products: Skin Care and Personal Care

Takeaway Note:

Viaderm is a perfect match for brands seeking high-quality and innovative beauty and personal care products. Yet, their emphasis on high customization demands extensive client collaboration, which could be challenging for those who prefer a more hands-off approach or have limited resources to engage deeply in the development process.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing A Makeup Manufacturer in the UK

As per Fortune Business Insights, the makeup market is expected to grow at 4.9% CAGR. This showcases the need for choosing the right manufacturer to properly navigate this expanding market and enhance your product offerings. Here are vital tips to remember when selecting:

Aspect Description
Efficient Inventory Management Utilizing advanced inventory tracking systems allows for real-time updates on stock levels, enabling accurate forecasting and timely replenishment to meet retailer demand.
Streamlined Order Fulfillment Implementing automated order processing and fulfillment systems minimizes errors and delays, ensuring seamless delivery of products directly to retailers without disruptions.
Tailored Packaging Solutions Offering customizable packaging options tailored to retailers’ branding requirements enhances product presentation and strengthens brand identity during transit and upon arrival at the store.
Flexible Shipping Options Providing diverse shipping options, including expedited, standard, and freight services, empowers retailers to choose the most suitable delivery method based on urgency and cost considerations.
Transparent Tracking and Support Offering transparent tracking systems and dedicated customer support channels fosters trust and confidence, enabling retailers to monitor shipments and promptly address any concerns or issues.

Struggling to Find a Trusted Makeup Manufacturer in the UK?

Navigating the search for a dependable makeup manufacturer within the UK poses significant challenges, from high production costs to limited scalability options. Turning towards China for manufacturing partnerships could unlock numerous advantages, including reduced expenses, wide production capabilities, and access to a broad range of manufacturing innovations.

Consider trying Nako Cosmetic for your manufacturing needs. With a strong reputation for excellence and innovation in cosmetic manufacturing, we stand out for our capability to export cosmetics around the globe. Our edge lies in our extensive experience, advanced technology, and commitment to quality, ensuring your products meet international standards.

If you want to expand your brand’s reach and achieve success in the competitive cosmetic market, we invite you to contact us at Nako Cosmetic. Together, we can achieve great results and bring your vision to life.

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Exploring the UK’s top 11 makeup manufacturers offers invaluable insights into the diverse capabilities and specialties available within the region. This guide serves as a vital resource for you to make an informed decision in seeking a partner that best aligns with your brand’s needs.

If your search extends beyond the UK, consider Nako Cosmetic, a leading Chinese manufacturer known for quality in cosmetic production. To explore how we can support your needs, contact us today.

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