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Winning Formula: Our Collaboration for an Exceptional Eyeshadow

When Emily, a sourcing manager from a dynamic makeup brand, reached out to us with a request for a specific eyeshadow formulation, we knew that a creative collaboration was in store. Through our team’s expert formulation knowledge and Emily’s company’s eye for innovative products, we worked together to create a winning formula for an exceptional eyeshadow. Our dedication to customized solutions and open communication led to a final product that truly impressed Emily and her team, and serves as a testament to the power of collaborative innovation in the cosmetics industry.

Chapter 1: Consultation

We are a cosmetic manufacturer specializing in creating high-quality, innovative makeup products. Emily, source manager from a makeup brand reached out to us with a request for a specific eyeshadow formulation. Her company was launching a new line of eyeshadows and needed a high-quality product that would be safe for sensitive skin and have long-lasting color.
Emily provided us with a detailed brief outlining the specific characteristics and qualities that her company was looking for in the eyeshadow, including hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and long-lasting properties. She also requested that the eyeshadow be available in a range of colors, including shimmery gold and a matte purple.

Chapter 2: Formulation & Sample Testing

After receiving Emily’s brief for the eyeshadow formulation, the Nakocos team conducted a thorough review of the requirements and characteristics that Emily’s company was looking for. Our R&D team determined the most suitable ingredients and production methods that would meet the desired outcome, then sent a proposal to Emily’s company outlining the recommended formulation for the eyeshadow. The proposal included a detailed list of ingredients, product specifications, and potential cost estimates.
Emily’s company reviewed the proposal and provided feedback to us, indicating which characteristics and qualities they liked and which needed adjustments. We had several back-and-forth communications to refine the formulation until it met all of Emily’s company’s requirements and created a prototype of the eyeshadow for Emily’s company to test. After testing the prototype and receiving feedback, we made the necessary adjustments to the formulation until the final product met all of the desired qualities and characteristics.
Throughout the process, our team provided samples for testing and feedback, and were very receptive to Emily’s company’s comments and requests, then made adjustments accordingly. We also offered advice and expertise on how to balance the desired characteristics of the eyeshadow, such as its hypoallergenic and long-lasting properties.

Chapter 3: Production & Quality Assurance

Once the final formulation was approved, we began the production process. We maintained an open line of communication with Emily’s company, providing regular updates on the production timeline and quality assurance checks. After the eyeshadow was produced, we conducted additional quality control tests to ensure that the final product met all of the agreed-upon characteristics and qualities.We conducted regular quality control checks to ensure that the eyeshadow was being produced according to the approved formulation.

In addition to conducting quality control checks throughout the production process, we also performed final quality assurance checks on the finished product.:

A thorough examination – ensure that it met all of the agreed-upon characteristics and qualities, including its hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and long-lasting properties.

Texture, color, and consistency – ensure that the eyeshadow looked and felt great when applied

Stability testing – ensure that it will maintain its quality and performance over time. This involved subjecting the product to various conditions, such as high and low temperatures and humidity levels, to ensure that it remained stable and consistent.

By conducting these rigorous quality assurance checks, we were able to ensure that the final product met all of the agreed-upon characteristics and qualities, and that it would be a great addition to Emily’s company’s new line of eyeshadows.

Chapter 4: Feedback

Emily’s company was very satisfied with the final formulation and quality of the eyeshadow that we produced. They were impressed with the level of collaboration and communication that we provided throughout the process, which made the development of the eyeshadow much smoother and efficient. The final product successfully met all of Emily’s company’s requirements, and they were very pleased with the outcome.
We take pride in working closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that meet their unique needs. Our team is committed to producing high-quality, innovative products, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are fully satisfied with the end result.

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